Welcome Aboard

These are the voyages of the sailing vessel Solitaire...
Boldly going where many have gone before.

The Boat

Solitaire is a 25' Coronado sloop, hull# 1194. Keel layed Portsmouth, VA 1969. As of this date (Aug 9th, 2014) she is laying alongside at Powells Marina (center stage no less) in Deltaville VA, undergoing an extensive refit and upgrade focused on use as a single-hand offshore cruiser and full time livaboard. The name Solitaire came with the boat, and as it fits the mission definition, is not subject to change

The Skipper

Cap' Couillon is a 5'-9" standard issue sailor, hull# unknown. Keel layed 'T Mamou, LA, launched March 1949. Smokes but sound, cranky and hard to start in cold weather. Previous home ports include the far east, western Pacific, Carribean, and central America. Several attempts to "swallow the anchor" have proved unsuccessful. Quote to live by:"I reckon I got to light out for the Territory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally she's going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can't stand it. I been there before." (H. Finn 1884)

For additional info on the derivation of the Captain's nickname, click here.

The Website

Having failed (yet again) to "swallow the anchor, we (me, myself, and I) acquired the Solitaire and moved on board with the plan to refit her, and head back to areas where the weather suits our clothes. I am now almost exactly one year behind schedule. Not that there was so much work that needed to be done on the boat, but rather that the Federal Government (in it's usual inimical fashion) had decided sometime earlier, that I was dead... tits up, room temperature, bought the farm. It took almost a year of loudly disputing my demise before I could convince them that the rumors were greatly exagerated. With one thing and another, it put a real cramp in the refit, and life in general. You know how hard it is to survive in the USA if you're dead? Bank accounts, jobs, pension checks, they all need that magic number that comes back on their computer as deceased! And don't even get me started about the zombie hunters... Anyway, all has been resolved, and progress resumed. While I would like to be out of here by the first of Sept, reality intrudes (Cheops' Law: Nothing ever gets done on schedule or within budget) and it looks like late Oct earliest. Halloween in Deltaville is not an option..

So now that I have all this (cough) spare time, I decided to poke up a website to document the ongoing adventure. Where we are on the refit, and what we are working on, maybe some tips and methods that will help out another cruiser. Once we get to a point where the Solitaire is ready enough to leave (the projects are never all done, just postponed till another harbor) we will continue posting logs, photos, and general ramblings about day to day life onboard. We have been messing about in boats for some 30 years, so hopefully some of this will be helpful or at least a lesson in what not to do. Don't expect anything too serious. Life is to short to take it too serious.

Hopefully you will find the site easy to navigate,  just follow the usual links at the top of the page... Some may not be so obvious (that Couillon cajun french thing crops up now and then...) but I hope you will find the contents entertaining, informative, and above all fun. Everything is more or less [G] rated, so the little squids can follow along if they so desire.

Drop us a line anytime if you have qustions, comments, or suggestions. Remember that once we leave the docks in Deltaville, updates and email will have to wait till the next port that has interweb access.

(Sorry about the theme music, but it's just too appropriate. Be glad I removed the "auto-play" tag)

Cap' Couillon

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