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Links to useful and interesting web sites, misc articles and musings, so on and so forth. If you know of something you think should be included here, let us know.

Useful Links:

Navigatrix, a voyager's companion
Navigatrix is the lightweight linux based operating system we use for Solitaire's onboard computers. Navigatrix is a compilation of electronic tools for navigation, communication, information and security that you can use offshore, on shore, or at anchor. It is simple and lightweight and based on the best Debian/Ubuntu has to offer. It is put together by people on boats for people on boats. You can check out more information and a partial list of included tools here

NOAA Nautical Charts and Pubs
Download the latest NOAA charts in several formats including PDFs and NOAA BookletCharts(tm) that you can print out yourself. To download the latest Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs) suitable for loading into OpenCPN or other chart plotter software click here. Up to date, and FREE!

OpenCPN Free open-source chart plotter software
OpenCpn is a free, well supported open-source software chart plotter (included in Navigatrix) that runs on Windows Mac or Linux operating systems. Great for navigation or route planning. Interfaces with your existing NMEA network, or add a $25 USB GPS for a stand alone system.

The Boat Galley
What began as a website dedicated to cooking on a boat (Provisioning, recipes, tips and tricks, etc) has expanded to cover a variety of other cruising and boating info and tips. Upadated frequently, and always a useful read. Lots of contributions from other boaters.

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Solitaire Projects, Parts and Plans

Portuguese Fishing Boat Style Dinghy Plans
When we needed a 6' dink to fit on the fore deck of the Solitaire we went with this great set of plans from Hannu Vartiala of Finland. We took Hannu's suggestion and built two... our 6 footer, and another 7'-4" version which we sold to cover the materials cost of both. You can see some photos of the dink-project here

Raka Inc
Epoxy, fiberglass, carbon fiber, fillers and tools... Great prices, and great service. Used Raka on both dinks, and for numerous repairs and new work on the Solitaire. And when you call, you get a real person. Located in Fort Pierce FL. 772.489.4070. Online catalog and ordering. !/2 the price of the big boys.

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Misc Articles, Rants, and Raves

Boat Quotes   (New)
Words to live by... Quotes from various sources collected over the years. If you have one you think we should know, feel free to drop us a line

Cruising in Cuba   (New)
A one hour audio presentation on the ins and outs of cruising in Cuba by Addison Chan. Addison and his wife, onboard the SV Three Penny Opera, are regular visitors to Cuba and have been traveling there for years. While in Boot Key Harbor, Addison was good enough to host a lecture on the VHF for all of us who might be interested in traveling to the land of rum and cigars, including a question and answer session. Very entertaining, and if Addison is not making at least part of his income off these types of presentations, he ought to be... The link above will (or should) open the streaming audio in a new window. If you would rather download a zip file of the mp3 audio to your local machine, Click Here

So Ya Wanna Be A Cruiser   (New)
A two part article (written by yours truely) from several years ago that let's you know what the "Cruising" lifestyle is really all about.

Bill Bishop's "The Marine Installer's Rant"
"A blog about the things boat builders do that cost you money, and other eclectic newsy musings of interest to boaters." Always interesting, sometimes educational, sometimes useful, sometimes just hilarious. One of my daily reads when I can.

The Sailboat Clewless
A work in progress by my buddy Gary Esterly, another Coronado 25 owner and recovering sailor... Glad when the Solitaire is looking as spiffy as her sister in Washington state. Darn, Gary's even got curtains!

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