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5-brace1.png 6-transom-2.png 7-transom-1.png 8-upside-down.png 9-bottom.png 10-bottom-installed.png
11-bigger.png 12-russian.png 13-bathtub.png 13-ready-for-paint.png 14-ready-for-paint.png 15-mallet.png
16-bottom-paint.png 17-ready-to-splash.png 18-7-4-dink.JPG 19-sale-dink.jpeg
7-6 hull sides

With the advantage of the extra 25% in hull side length, some practice with the 6 footer, and the beveled transom edges the 7-6 bent up quick and easy.

One tip... If you are using a cargo strap to hold the hull sides in place put small c-clamps top and bottom on each hull side to keep strap from slipping off aft. Seems Okumi ply and nylon have a pretty low coefficient of friction.

Will layout bottom on 7-6 tomorrow.
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