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16-bottom-paint.png 17-ready-to-splash.png 18-7-4-dink.JPG 19-sale-dink.jpeg

These are supposed to be 1.5 sheet boats. So it takes two sheets to make one, three sheets to make 2. Reason we went for two (one for sale to cover costs). Hannu gives you real good layout instructions for everything but the bottom(s) When you have cut out all the other pieces you scribe the bottom piece using the assembled topside as a pattern. Hannu says you will have just enough width left over to cut out the bottom, and he was not kidding. Didn't make any errors on layout or initial cuts. (Everything cut with a skill saw and 8' saw guide) but getting the bottom out of the drop-off was really tight. Max width for both hulls is the same, so we will hope the 7-6 bottom fits as well.

Hannu suggests laying the left over ply on the floor, and rocking the hull while you scribe the line... We opted to temporarily bend the drop-off to the hull and screw in place at transom and stem. Hull / Btm joint was scribed, temp screws removed and bottom cut. Where we had the material, we cut about 1/8" oversize which will be faired down to the hull sides with a belt sander before glass tape.
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