The Captain's Log

Jan 24, 2016 1059 local

Brrr cold! 58f. Could be worse I suppose. Water and groceries plus quick e-mail check. Bus ride to Key West Tues. Should be warmer then thank goodness ...End Log Entry
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Jan 20, 2016 1317 local

Settling in to Boot Key... Didn't realize so long since last Log update. Holidays uneventful, and low key. Weather colder and wetter than normal, but still better than up north. Took a run to Key West on the shuttle last week. Good time. Might think about moving the Solitaire down there in the spring, at least for a while.

Solar panel starting to fail, but Renogy sent me a new one. Arrived today so need to get it out to the boat and installed. Nice to be back to full power. Looking around for a generator as a back up.

Still want to land an ouboard for the new 8' dink. Rows well, but tough in the wind sometimes. Also would make Burdine's and the Dockside a lot closer. Only time and money as usual.

Off to Key West again on Tues to hit the VA clinic and get in the system to get my eyes fixed. That's gonna take a trip to Miami to let the surgeon replace the dirty windows. Wonder if he would come down and replace the Solitaire's port lights at the same time. Will be nice to see again.

All is well in paradise. Will try to stay a little more on top of the logs. Feel free to Drop a line if you have any comments or questions ...End Log Entry
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Nov 12 2015 0643 Local

On the mooring at Boot Key (E-6) Checked in about 1230 on Nov 10 no issues. Spent the last couple days exploring. Found the local dive (Brass Monkey) first day. Go figure... Went to see Kim at Herbies last night. Need to come up with a bike. Cab is 5 bucks bridge to bridge, but Tybee taught me how much you can spend on cab fare every month without trying too hard. Also looking for a bigger dink next month. "Bun-bun" works fine, but a little tender for a tender so to speak. Also no room for a passenger if someone comes to visit. All in good time. Need to figure out a way to find the boat at night. Wasn't really lost coming home last night, but highly confused for a while. Ended up all the way over by the Dockside before I figured out where I was. Lots of lights but still haven't figured out the bearing points from the dink docks. Maybe an other than white light in the cockpit to home in on?

Not really any wifi on the boat at least till I get a password for the Sombrerro resort. Hate packing the laptop up just to check email. Lots of time to get it figured out. think I am gonna like it here. ...End Log Entry
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Nov 9, 2015 1743 Local

First internet access since Lake Worth. 20 miles out of Marathon anchored up behind Channel Key for tonight. Tracks updated. Will catch up logs after mooring in Marathon. ...End Log Entry
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Nov 1, 2015 1910 Local

Got an early start tks to unremembered time change. Fueled up at Saifish Marina South (open at 0600) and got a free bag of ice with my large (8 gal) fuel purchase. Gotta love this town. A little loud, a little rough around the edges, and a whole lot of fun!

Anchored up North Lake Worth. Hoping for outside to Port Everglade tomorrow weather permitting ...End Log Entry
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Oct 31, 2015 2000 Local

Breakfast at Paradise Subs, last beers at The Coconut Bar, grocery shopping done and stowed. Dink back on deck, stop on the way out of the pocket in the morning for fuel and water. Weather looks promising to be able to head outside at Lake Worth for a couple of days. Fingers crossed ...End Log Entry
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Oct 25, 2015 0330 Local

Anchored up in Manatee Pocket on the St Lucie River Thur afternoon. Nice hole... Lots of nightlife and misc around, to bad I am to broke too get off the boat. Actually not that bad, but layin low till the 1st. Winds still workin' hard, and I really need to remind myself not to be in a rush. Gonna hang till the end of the week and then move on.

Gotta get up in the middle of the night for interweb access, so not too much of that after tonight. The dink is getting used, and can see some room for work. Gonna haul water tomorrow, think some ballast might improve handling. A little skittish with just my narrow butt aboard. More later. ...End Log Entry
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Oct 21, 2015 0851 Local

Another day on the hook. Still East at 20+ Showers, and this is an ok spot. Fixed solar panel problem this morning (bad connection) Don't know how long that has been an issue, but explains low battery voltages. O/B has been helping out long as we don't run crazy otto. Full day with solar and no O/B will give better idea where we stand. Need another panel for Boot Key, plus would like to get Renogy to replace this one with aluminum backed system they are now using for this series. No signs of overheating visible, but if they no longer offer this design, they should replace it. Just sayin ...End Log Entry
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Oct 20, 2015 1831 Local

Slow progress... Got out Eau Gallie ok Sat morn, but good weather gone away. Blowing 25-30 for the rest of the week, with 9-12 ft off shore. So much for the easy jumps. Spent a couple of extra nights at "The Fruit Docks" anchorage as it was very well protected and didn't know what or who I was gonna find down the way in Ft Pierce. Left out this morning for the short jump to Faber Cove (19 miles) and anchored up early at 1330. One other Canada boat pulled in later but quiet. Another short (20 mile ) jump to Manatee Pocket tomorrow. Could run clear to Hobe sound but no protection from E to NE and these winds are supposed to stay up at 25+ thru Fri.

Next stop after Manatee Pocket should be North Lake Worth. Bridges start to get to be a PITA from here on, but as long as the NE winds are pushing the Stream up to 12 foot no lee shore for me. Still fighting with the locations page, latest may or not may not show up, but will deal with it all later. One battle at a time ...End Log Entry
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Oct 15, 2015

Last night in Eau Gallie (almost). New laptop arrived (Thanks KP) but as usual, the assumption that the DC adapter was the same as the old one was incorrect. What a surprise... Managed to get the right one shipped in from the left coast, but by the time it arrives it will be too late to make a better anchorage. They need the slip and money is tight as usual so will anchor across the channel (plenty of water for Solitaire) Fri night and head out first light Sat.

Great stay in Eau Gallie, can see why my buddy David from Deltaville stayed here all summer. The Wed night pot-luck was a blast, and have really enjoyed my stay. Would recommend Eau Gallie Yacht Basin as a stop if they have room.

Check water level in the batteries in the morning and top up fresh water. David left me his car keys so was able to make a Publix run, and pick up 10 gal non-ethanol fuel ashore (cheaper than at the marinas). Still looking good to arrive in Boot Key around Nov 1. Not sure where next update will be as no more marina time till Boot Key. Will update before if I get lucky with an open WiFi somewhere on the hook. ...End Log Entry
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Oct 11, 2015 1513 Local

Nice spot, see why D&M have been here so long. Spent yesterday and today doing nuthin at all. Nice to rest and relax. Walgreen a couple of blocks away for chocolate milk to go with the rum, and a reefer in the "lounge" so no need for ice. Gonna lay out the rest of today, and start getting some stuff done tomorrow. Weather cloudy but nice and warm. ...End Log Entry
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Oct 9, 2015 1515 Local

Another squally lumpy day on the Indian River. Got to do something about anchor stowage. Fouled the roller furling line, so no sail up again today. Pulled into Eau Gallie Yacht basin and paid for a week. Only a few bucks more (very few) than 2 nights in St Augustine. Nice place, small and got the last slip transit or otherwise. Whew! Looking forward to a break. Catch up on the logs, address anchor and misc issues. Rest and hang out with the locals.

Sad that David Dewey and his wife (from Deltaville) will not be back for a couple weeks. He was nice enough to loan me his car so will stock up on fuel and top up groceries before leaving next Fri. Nice little marina with lots of liveaboards. See why D&M opted to stay here for the summer. Rum in hand will catch up more later. Plenty of time to get the new equipment here by Fri. Hope KP is having a good time in NJ. Quite the jet setter lately :-)

ICW seems quieter than normal for this time of year, but listing to radio, water levels in the Carolinas has bridge clearances 5-7 feet lower than normal, Glad I am not there, but another reason to like a smaller boat. Day I cant clear a 65' fixed bridge with 35' air draft, there will be enough water to just sail around it, ...End Log Entry
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Oct 8, 2015 1330 Local

Tough day at the office. Heavy squalls steady 15-17 east wind right across the Indian River. 5 miles wide with a good fetch, but channel so narrow can't give up the tiller long enough to get up any sail to reduce the roll... Not an issue but uncomfortable. Short break in the haulover canal. Anchored up in Titusville south. Good protection to north and west. To bad wind is from east :-) Not bad spot though. ...End Log Entry
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Oct 7, 2015 1405 Local

Off the hook at o730 headed south. Easy day to Smyrna Beach. Tied up to floating courtesy dock and splurged on a Guiness at the Yellow Dog. Supposedly no overnight on this dock but I see no sign. In the words of Shultz... "I see nothing" See what happens. ...End Log Entry
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Oct 6, 2015 1437 Local

Anchored up in old Cement Plant (Sea-Ray Plant) canal. Not a bad day although 2' swell down the Mananzas River pushin the boat like a milk truck. Tight anchorage, but good protection all around and quiet. Still bent about spending 100 plus for no reason in St Augustine, but at least have nav computer still working. Plenty of time for KP to get new unit off to Eau Gallie next week. ...End Log Entry
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Oct 5, 2015 1234 Local

Unplanned stop in St. Augustine. Lost the laptop (no power showing) just north of St. Augustine. Using as chart plotter and GPS since the demise of the Garmin 126 last week. EEEK! Dig out the paper charts and press on. KP should be receiving the new (at least to me) T-60 today. Glad I ordered it in Jax Beach. Pulled into Municipal Marina at $1.95 a foot (ouch) and arranged for 2 nights so KP can UPS the box to me overnight. Off to the Tradewinds for several Rums.

After getting up and having coffee this morning, decided to field strip the T-42 and see if I could find an obvious problem. Checked voltage comming from the 12v adaptor and showing good. Just before tearing the keyboard off (If it ain't broke, I'll fix it till it is) I noticed a little blue button sticking out I had never seen before. Pushed it in, and it stayed there. Plugged in and guess what? Lights, camera, drumroll... We have power and a chart plotter again. Large smiles and a full backup to the external drive just in case. Blue sticky outy thing appears to be a circuit breaker. Not sure what caused the issue, but am updating the website on it as we speak. Boat gremlins.

As we have already paid for tonight as well, will still try to get the new laptop here tomorrow. If KP cant get it to UPS in time tonight, will go ahead and ship to David's boat in Eau Gaille as originally planned. Good lesson in remembering to back up your files, and to always carry paper charts of your cruising grounds. Alls well that ends well and I can have another cocktail at the Tradewinds. ...End Log Entry
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Oct4, 2015 0737 Local

Stocked, fueled, and watered. Underway for St Augustine. Next expected update around a week in Eue Gallie ...End Log Entry
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Oct 3, 2015

Ok... 3 nights here... Spend money like you got it. Next stop alongside not till EauGallie so what the heck. Long walk to the liquor store to resupply rum stock, but West on the way back to pickup a new boat hook, and Advance Auto for several inline fuel filters. Publix close but still a hike with several weeks worth of groceries.

Never did make a local dive. All far away and got hailed by a group of local liveaboards on my way back from the showers. Fun evening so no need to go elsewhere. One of the guys usually hosts movie night on Fri (Projects em on his main sail no less) but canceled due to lousy weather. Thur 6 or 7 mile hike wore me out so weather day was good for a nap.

Shopping day this afternoon, but one of my new friends offered a ride back after so easy deal. Logs updated and new filter installed. Plan to head out tomorrow for Matanzas River anchorage south of St Augustine. Unless we just get luck this is last update till we hit Eue Gallie in about a week? Fingers crossed for early start. Happy hour at the pool around five.. Have to watch my intake if I plan to make miles tomorrow ...End Log Entry
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Oct 1, 2015 0910local

Alongside Palm Cove Marina Jax Beach. Nice facility with cheap fuel and Publix etc close by. Shallow entrance channel but 6' is enough for the Solitaire. Fueled up and picked up a spot on the bulkhead.

Headed off to find where everything is, and re-supply. Maybe a run out tonight to a local dive to talk to the locals. Plan a 2 night stay while weather quiets down from hurricane in the Bahamas ...End Log Entry
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Sept 30, 2015 1625local

Nice sunrise with a dolphin and a rainbow at the head of the creek. Auspicious omens... Cloudy and calm 84, nice day for a ride. Old 126 Garmin is acting up. Low batteries? Been using crazy otto a lot in the sounds and weeks with no sun the solar is not putting out well. Hand steering from here o on. Cleared GA at 1045 (Praise be) and motored on to Jim Creek Park public docks.

Alongside Jim Creek docks at 1625. Very nice, long (100'+) concrete floating dock with 12' at MLW. Nothing around but the price is right (free) with a 3 night limit. Little park has heads and grills with water on the dock. Met several groups of locals and got a ride to the circle K and back for a 4 pack of Rolling Rock and a bag o' chips to celebrate arriving in FLA. Will stay here till the Eagle flys on the 1st then on to Jax Beach for fuel and supplies. ...End Log Entry
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Sept 28, 2015 1700 Local

Headed out of Fort Fred at 0815 with light fog. Missed the eclipse due to heavy cloud cover. Can't remember the last really sunny day. Pulled the inline fuel filter on the hamster and while it isn't totally plugged it is harder to blow through than it should be. Simple solution... Poke a hole thru it with an awl. No restriction now. Will see how it runs today.

Anchored up in Delaroche Creek at 1700 after a quick stop at Jeckyl Island for fresh water. Rest of day uneventful (thank goodness) so it would seem filter was cause of dead hamster. Crap weather forcast tomorrow so as this is a well protected quiet anchorage will add another layday s ...End Log Entry
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Sept 26, 2015 1450local

Another "interesting" day... Hamster acting up shortly after leaving Teakettle Creek but found I could keep it together by pumping bulb every 5-10 sec one time. All the way across the sound to Fort Fredericka. Need to fix this or my left arm is gonna look like Popeye's

Gotta be fuel pump or filter, and as the hamster has less than 250 hours on it I expect the fuel filter. Of course I didn't bring a spare. Anchored up in Fort Frederika bend. Pretty anchorage and I been broke down here before on the old Escape. Lay day tomorrow while I come up with a solution. No rush as I don't want to hit Jax Beach till the first when my VA check posts. ...End Log Entry
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Sept 25, 2015 1623local

"Interesting" day.. Headed south at 0800 in decent weather but the current across Sapelo Sound brought us down to 2.4 kts over the ground for several hours. Need a bigger hamster or better yet, get out of GA. Cleared the sound and then lost the kicker (?) just into Creighton Narrows. Drifted onto a bar then a big wake from a passing yacht finished the job. Got the hamster revived (fuel problems?) and after an hour the tide was up enough to back off and get underway

Too late to cross next sound with unsolved engine issues so anchored up in Teakettle Creek at 1630. Will troubleshoot engine on way to Fort Fredericka tomorrow ...End Log Entry
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Sept 23, 2015 0800

Lay day... Surprised how out of shape I am. Went to bed early and woke up late. Windy and overcast so decided to spend the day on light maintenance and route planning. Having some trouble with "Crazy Otto" the tillerpilot. Add that to the list as well ...End Log Entry
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Sept 22. 2015 1630local

Underway from Hogans at 0750 for quiet trip to Cattle Pen Creek. Heavy NE winds for next week so as much as we dislike the ditch in south Georgia it seems the best choice. Sloging from Florida Cut to the far side of St. Cath sound. Love those 8' tides and the associated currents. Never know then it will reverse on you with so many creeks and sounds on this section of the ditch. ...End Log Entry
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Sept 21, 2015 1030local

Back underway from Walsh's Docks Tybee Island Ga to Turner Creek. Short shakedown plus we need to top up fuel. Plan to stop by the "Brit" at happy hour for a fairwell drink. Uneventful trip around thru Thenderbolt and tied up at Hogans for the night. Trip to the "Brit" was fun and got to see a bunch of old friends. Underway in the am. ...End Log Entry
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Jam 18, 2015 1504z

Alongside Walshes Docks, Tybee Island, Ga. Clear 55f NE@5kts

Spend a couple of days in Savannah hanging with my best friend, and goofing off. Headed down to Tybee Island early on the 10th and ran the Tybee Channel at around 1300 local. Skinny and hard to find as usual. Had a big ol' brown pelican sitting on the tiller helping to steer. Wish I could have let go long enough to snap a picture. Managed to get through the skinny spots without bumping but the charts are only a suggestion as much as the bars move around. Should be able to follow my own track back out when its time to leave.

The docks are a little exposed, but I knew that coming in. Enough water to hand line the Solitaire inside the south end, so protection is better. A good swell in a strong NE blow, but not as bad as the ferry wakes at the Savannah City Docks. Only power is at the head of the ramp, so had to buy a 100' extension cord to get down to the boat. Cheaper than feeding the heater propane in the long run, and it will get used somewhere else I'm sure.

Been having a good time catching up with old friends, plus it gives me some time to catch up on some minor boat issues and personal business. Even managed to grab a little work from my old boss. Paid up till Feb so plan to leave around then. Off to Huckapoos to use the WIFI and meet a new friend for a couple of drinks. Cash is running a little tight, but nothing new. More later... End Log Entry
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Jan 7, 2015 1600Z

Alonside Savannah City Dock Savannah River

Stopped at Ladies Island Marina in Beaufort... Great stop. Everything you need within close walking distance. Local dive, Chinese food, and cigs... Good plan. Started early next morning for run across Port Royal Sound. Using laptop in cockpit for navigation. Really need a better way, too much spray with a cross sea. Would be nice to mount the monitor behind some lexan and maybe run with a wireless mouse? Something to think about. Nice to have the chartplotter in sight during the tricky bits.

Anchored up in Church Creek behind Daufuskie Island for the night. Might have been able to make Savannah, but want to run Walls Cut at high tide. Left first thing in the morning, and ran the cut with no problems.

Of course, all the big ships are running the channel down the Savannah River at high tide as well. Seven of 'em, five comming in and two headed out, all in the 7 miles from Walls Cut to downtown.. Plenty of room on the edges of the channel, but it sure will keep you alert. Time to check in with the dock people and grab a drink at the Blue Bayou... End Log Entry
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Jan 5, 2015 1200Z

Underway for Beaufort SC. One month since leaving Deltaville. Spent the weekend anchored up in Church Creek, good anchorage with weather coming. Decided better to stay in a known good location with a half gale piping up... End Log Entry
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Jan 2, 2015 1300Z

Alongside Charleston Crab House, James Island SC Cloudy 55f Calm

Left Bucksport and made run down Wynah Bay pushing the tide all the way. Slow going through Snow's cut (2.5 kts), not so bad down the rest of the bay. Anchored up in Minim Creek and ended up spending a few days there with heavy fog and rain. Good anchorage, reversing current but with the 50' of chain out, no problems with drag. 8' tides coming up down the way... Still watching anchor drag real close.

Left Minim and ran down to Isle of Palms where we opted to tie up in the IOP marina. Did laundry and used showers before repairing to the on site resturant for New Years Eve. Crowded, but found a stool next to the skipper of the Prodigal Son, a 1944 shrimper with many hours of loving restoration and refit. Capt Ronnie is an interesting fella, we swapped info and may cross paths down the way. Leaving first light to catch half tide past the shoals at Breach Inlet

No bump through the problem areas behind Breach Inlet... More water than through McClellanville which ran about 6 ft for several miles. Pushing the tide again all the way down Charleston Harbor headed for Elliots Cut. Could make the cut today, but need groceries, propane, and a new coffee pot. No good place to stop with store access before Savannah so will tie up at the Crab House just below Wappoo Bridge. Used to hang out there years ago when I lived on Folly Beach and again at Buzzards Roost. Will usually let you tie up there over night if you spend some money with them. Not exactly high season, although it is a beautiful sunny day.

Down current tie up to the dock, to lazy to shift pre-rigged bowline to other side... Only get one chance with a 2+ knot current as the bridge abutments are only about 200' north. Looked like I knew what I was doing, but always does when no one is watching... But when there is a crowd around, it always seems to go south. Turns out they tore down the old Piggly Wiggly which used to be right across the street. Had to walk a mile or so down to Publix, but got stocked up and hit the bank for running cash. No problem spending the night... had a couple of drinks at lunch time, and callamari for supper. Callamari was a little tough, but good enough for a free dock.

Got up early this morning had breakfast and finished the last of the routing for here to Savannah/Tybee. Weather going to get cold again mid week, so made a long hike (3.5 to 4 miles) down Folly Rd to Wally World for propane and a new coffee pot. Caught the bus back so all in all a good morning. Cant leave till around 1245 local as this little one-hamster outboard will not push through Elliots cut on an ebb tide. Time for another cocktail before we shove off. Will anchor up somewhere around Church Creek or Tom Point Creek. Hope to make Tom Pt, but depends on tides after we leave the Stono. Rain coming, and I will hang at a good anchorage rather than get a wet ass, if required. Next update will probably be Savannah / Tybee Island... End Log Entry
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Dec 27, 2014 2300Z

Alongside Bucksport Marina, Bucksport SC Clear 55f Calm

Got out of Wrightsville Beach on 25th with an OK run to Southport, then just north of Myrtle Beach on the 26th. Big tidal currents. Made the run down to Bucksport today. Great day, no shoals or currents to worry about. Only glitch was holding north of the "Rock Pile" for the tug Island Trader to clear the cut before we started in. No big deal but funny as the same tug crowded us up in the thinnest part of the Hobucken canal a week ago way north of here... Go figure. Nice skipper though. Rather wait than fight for the thin water in a narrow passage. Only part of the ditch with a hard rock bottom so easy does it. Good day.

Last planned alongside till Savannah... Will make for Minim Creek just below Georgetown tomorrow. Rain coming in over the next few days, so will lay up on the hook till we get a decent day to move on. Plenty of gas and groceries, so no rush. Gas consumption is running about 16mpg which is great... Total consumption (refueled this evening) to date 30gal. Gotta love it.

Will update tracks in the "location" pages next internet access. For technical reasons it is easier to combine 4 or 5 days worth of tracks at once, rather than a day at a time. Still tweaking the interface in my "spare time". Also have photos to upload, but first things first. All is good so far (knock on wood)... End Log Entry
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Dec 24, 2014 2358Z

Alongside Dockside Marina, Wrightsville Beach NC Cloudy/Rain Calm

Weather looks good for tomorrow. Nice stop at "The Pub" a few blocks away. Turned a couple of guys on to Tybee who were planning a trip to Savannah for Patty's Day. Nice stay, but hope to be gone in the morning.... End Log Entry
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Dec 23, 2014 1846Z

Alongside Dockside Marina, Wrightsville Beach NC Cloudy, Fog Wind light and variable

Catching up... Limited internet access since Elizabeth City. Slower than hoped mostly due to weather. Rough crossing on the Abermarle, lost the new horseshoe buoy to the wind, but wasn't going back. Running reefed main and mostly furlled jib, rough but not terrible. Good tryout for the Solitaire in less than good conditions. Felt safe it not always comfortable. Crazy Otto kept up on a beam reach. Needed fuel anyway, so tied up at Alligator River Marina as we still had 15-20 out of the west, and the available anchorages are pretty lumpy

Got to the Pungo river anchorage later than we wanted but a long haul against the current. Anchored up just after sunset. Easy run to Oriental the next day, the Maw Pt shortcut saved at least an hour, maybe two. 2 day stay in Oriental got extended while we waited for a 12V charger to arrive for the spare laptop. Have not been able to locate paper strip charts for ICW and my paper charts stop from SC to FL... Want the backup machine if we only have electronic charts.

Another unscheduled lay-day in Mile Hammock Bay anchorage. Rain, fog, cold and blustry. Good protected anchorage, and no reason not to wait for better weather. So late now, whats the difference.

And now we are at the Dockside in Wrightsville Beach. Wind kicking up a bit, and much closer to town up here rather than down in the anchorage. Off season rate not to bad at a buck a foot. Good thing as heavy morning fog has prevented us from leaving early enough the last 2 mornings to make Southport in for sure daylight. Heavy heavy fog less than 300 yds visibilty. Tomorrow forcast heavy rain, so might not get out till the 25th. Restaurant closed for next two days, so they said forget about dock charges. Nice... Slowly is ok, no problems is best

Will stop in Southport unless we are making excellent time. Next planned stop in N.Myrtle Beach as no anchorages before Waccammaw River. See what the weather brings... End Log Entry
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Dec 9, 2014 1246Z

Alongside Mariners Wharf, Elizabeth City NC Cloudy North East @ 15

Waiting out gales to cross sound on Thurs (exected) Really ugly docking yesterday on arrival with heavy cross wind and wide set mooring piles. No where to lay against before drifting downwind 90 degrees to where you need to be and no way to reach the outside piles. Ah the joys of single handing. Only one other boat on the docks, but he helped get us tied up after we almost drifted down on him... Much red face on my part. Oh well...

Pretty good trip down, will add details later today I hope... Need to hit the laundry and showers as well as a few supplies. Batteries charging ok, even with the auto-tiller (Crazy Otto) and laptop running all day I am only loosing a little ground. Solar useless at this point as we haven't seen the sun in 7 or 8 days. Oil change and some roller-furler issues to deal with tomorrow.

Cold (low 40s for high) but at least we are under way... time to head out for laundry and supplies, will post more on the trip so far later today...End Log Entry
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Dec 5, 2014 1000Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Cloudy 42F Calm (forcast 8-10 NE)

Provisioned and fueled. Cast pff at first light (0630 local) Destination Hampton VA. Details and update at next internet connection. Expected Elizabeth City NC, Dec 7th... End Log Entry
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Nov 4, 2014 1100Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Clear 47 F Calm

Drat and blast.... Was supposed to be out of here yesterday, and a perfect day it was too. But, man makes plans, and the Tau laughs. Turns out the idle problem on the kicker was not the carb after all. (118 bucks later for a new carb I don't need) New carb and same issues, so broke down and took it in to the local o/b wizard Randy, who after an hour of pissing with it pronounced it dead after a final compression test. 90# / 60# suprised it was running at all. Not worth fixing as an '88, at least not for me

Decision time... Rebuild clunker? Buy used? Buy new?. Option one is not an option... option 2 is ok, have a lead on a local Suzy 4 stroke for a grand, Randy knows the motor, and says it runs like a watch and is a good deal at the price. 20" shaft would work on the Solitaire, but would rather have 25" in a seaway. That leaves option 3 (always the most expensive). Fifteen hundred for a new Tohatsu 6 hp sailpro. 25" shaft, 6 amp charging circuit, and front mounted gear shift. 5 year warranty and free shipping makes it the best choice but means I have to stay here and work for 2 more weeks to pay for it... ah well

Will get some extra stuff done on the boat in the meanwhile, although long days on "Maggies Farm" plus short daylight will limit some stuff. Gonna be a long cold trip down the ditch. About time for the northers to start, and that is gonna reduce the optional outside time until I am at Savannah south. Bought new long-johns at wally-world on Friday... End Log Entry
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Oct 22, 2014 0300Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Light Rain, 61 F, Wind S @ 5knts

Splish Splash... Back in Jackson Creek. Depth sounder working, cockpit drain working, hill work done. New carb for kicker is now a gotta do before I go. Busted a shear pin reversing engine at too high an rpm. Glad that's all that broke. Nice to know I can change from on deck. A learning experience as it were...

At this point looks like halloween, waiting for carb and CG docs... Ah well, perceverance furthers

Hey KP.... See you soon... Enjoy your birthday... End Log Entry
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Oct 16, 2014 1822Z

On the Hill, Rivertime Marine, Deltaville Va. Clear, 71 F, Wind S @ 12knts

Easy trip around Stingray Pt to Broad Creek off the Rappahanock. Not really set up yet, so didn't bother with the main, but did unroll the jib just to test. Noticed the first slide above the tack has slipped the track. Will investigate before leaving for return to Powells. Other than that, no real problems. 2.5 - 4 kts over the ground depending on wind direction, and tide. Running OB at about 1/4 throttle seems to be using around a gallon an hour, maybe a little less.

O/B still has problems with idle circuit... Plugged passage primary suspect. Could replace air bleed needle and bleed jet for around 30 bucks. For 90 bucks more, can get whole new carb, and keep this one for spare. It really needs a 24 hr soak in carb cleaner, or an ultrasonic bath... Money, money, money.

Bottom was not nearly as bad as I expected... Filthy, yes no doubt, but no oyster roast. Not even a good pot of barnacle soup. (See Haul Out Photos Here). No blisters, no other problems other than the O/B rubbing slightly on the rudder at speed. Raised O/B one notch which should give plenty clearance. Really want to re-enforce the motor mount. No signs of stress cracks orrvierance other uglies... just a little whifftey for my taste. Another "down the way" project

VHF did not seem to be working after raising the stick... thought I had pinched the antenna wire, or drilled into it mounting new hardware. Underway, was receiving traffic on 16, but weather channels seem kaput? Who knows... Old radio to get replaced with AIS enabled in Dec?. In the meanwhile guess I will just get a hand held for backup... Money, money, money.


On the subject of "filthy lucre" as much as I hate it, I may have to delay one more time until Nov 1. That would allow me to have a comfy cushion in the grouch bag when I leave, while still being able to order the last of the "neccessary" pieces and parts (new carb?). Also the to-do list while not getting longer, is still a ways from done. Really itchy to get gone, but 10 more days ain't gonna kill me. Will probably end up having to wait for a mooring in Boot Key, but that's a long way down the coast. Just have to suck it up, and get out the long pants... End Log Entry
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Oct 14, 2014 1822Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Clear, 74 F, Wind S @ 15knts

It's Alive! ...

Rig is up, just need to hang lazy jacks and run fairleads for roller furl.

Kicker in place and running against the lines for 45min. Still having issue with low idle, but can deal with that later (Shades of Capt Ron)

Weather forcast for tomorrow is crap (20-25 knts, rain, severe thunderstorms). Will wait till Thurs to head around Stingray Point and into Broad Creek for haul out. Departure should be getting close... End Log Entry
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Oct 7, 2014 2159Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Partial Clouds, 71 F, Calm

More done today... All stays and shrouds in place and adjusted. New roller furl installed, still need to hang sail and run furler lead plus blocks and fairleads. Boom up. Washed main sheet, will re-install tomorrow when dry. Next steps install motor, finish nav lights, tidy up running rigging. Bimini arrived today, looks like I will have to cut down a few inches to clear boom. No problem, will surely be nice to have a little protection from the heavens in the cockpit... End Log Entry
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Oct 6, 2014 2127Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Clear, 71 F, Wind S @ 10knts

Mast is up... Nuff said.... End of Log Entry
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Oct 5, 2014 1402Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Partly cloudy, 61 F, calm

Cold last night... time to go. 46 F at 0530 local. Almost got the stick up today. Started early, but lots of items to deal with, and about 1700 decided I was starting to make mistakes, and better to wait till morning. All shrouds and lines mounted, will set turnbuckles and recheck running rigging in the am. Hope to have her up before noon. Only budget items left are documentation and haulout. All materials on hand, or ordered and in transit. Scored 130 ft of anchor chain for 50 bucks, 5/16". Cut 50' for forward anchor, 30' for stern, and sold balance of 50' for $25... good deal. Still need to acquire stern rode, and check condition (and length) of bow rode. Whatever it is, it will do for now. Short fuel storage, but haven't been able to find another cheap 12 gal tank. Will have to make do with some deck stowage. Trip to haul out and back will give me a good idea of fuel consumption per hr.

At this point, it looks like departure around the 18th to 20th as long as we don't get any nasty surprises on haul out. Everything else that isn't done can wait till further south. All the important stuff is almost done. Will probably be leaving with less cash than hoped, but can wait for the next check further south as well as here. Plenty to do on the hook waiting for gas money.

Hard to believe we are finally this close... Head down and plugging away... End Log Entry
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Oct 3, 2014 1030Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Partly cloudy, 61 F, calm

Sorry for the long time before log update... Finally finished the "sold dink". Came out well, new owner happy and didn't waste any time putting it to use. Certainly helped out the cash flow... A pair of new Trojan T-605 batteries, topside paint, bottom paint and some other odds and sodds.

Have been working at Lennies place to try and help him finish up as much as possible before we leave, (won't be even close to done) and for some extra cash to pay slip rent. Also have to finish up a couple of projects on Butchey Bouy, because I said I would, and will help defray rent.

Even with all the outside work on non-Solitaire projects, have managed to make some progress. Electric 99% complete. Solar will go in after stick is up. Have to 86 idea of refitting salvaged standing rig for now. Only two riggers in town, and both too busy to think about sucb a small (to them) project. Got the stuck pin out of the headstock with some heat and the judicious use of a hammer and drift pin. New anchor light installed. New (used) steaming light installed and all mast wiring finished and checked. Had to order new spinnaker halyard, not enough line on hand. No spinnaker, but block is in place, and like to have a spare halyard for whatever... Ya' never know. Will make installing new rollerfurl easier anyway. Whisker pole track installed, with new uphaul block, still need to install blocks for lazy jacks. All parts on hand (more or less). Hope to raise mast Sat or Sun depending on weather. New halyard will not arrive till Mon or Tues, so will run lead line through block, and raise halyard after mast is up.

More projects completed, but time to go make some spending money... End of Log Entry
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Sept 19, 2014 2355Z

Alongside Powells Marina, Deltaville Va. Partly cloudy, 72 F Wind E @ 5knts

Been busy but progress seems slow. Lots of time on the "sold" dink... Needs to be ready for pickup on the 25th or 26th. Glued up gunwales, and finished fairing. Rest of woodwork tomorrow. Re-installed the starter on John's M65 Sabre. God how I hate that engine room. Been working in it off and on for almost 10 years now. Lovely engine though. Hasn't been run in nearly a year, and with new starter fired on the first compression stroke.

Moved the "burnt boat" to the breaker yard this evening. Aground in the Marina, but got her loose. Didn't wamt to take that final trip I guess. Glad I got the standing rig parts even if some low life stole the boom and mast winches. Worth the salvage time. Poor old Solitaire got neglected today, but need to feed the bulldog. Still need varnish and oar locks for the "sold" dink, so guess I will be test running John's 4-108 tomorrow afternoon. Hope I get out of Dodge before I have to put it in the Valiant. Got plent of other work to do.

Instrument panel is almost done. Depth guage and GPS mounted and interior junction box in progress. Just a few more tie ins but too dark in the evenings to do a comfortable job. Day time project. Had some broken pins on the GPS plug. You know those standard round 7 pin connectors. Pins are so thin if you get it cocked at all you will bend em. And, you can only straighten them once. Any more and ....Snap. So needed to replace plug. Parts $30.00 at the local marine electronics joint. Me being cheap, I went on line and got a 4 pin water tight connector with pigtails. Only need 4 for the GPS (2 power, 2 NMEA) A little "Cajun Injuneering" and voila! Nifty water tight connection with O rings and threaded cap, plus much heavier pins. With pigtails rather than a hard mount, much easier to connect. Fit right into my new junction box which also contains the breakout board for the DB9 serial cable to connect the GPS to the laptop. Will post pics when all is finished in a few days. Oh, and the cost?... $2.78, free shipping, no tax. Search for "4 pin Led Connector".

Chris gave me a bottle o' rum for skippering the salvage run this evening. Think it is time for a little quality control investigation... End Log Entry
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Sept 16, 2014 1456 Zulu

Along side, Powells Marina, Deltaville VA. 70 F Cloudy Calm.

Spent a couple of days working on "Maggies Farm", done for now. Finished stripping salvaged mast and cut up for scrapper. Waiting for parts to repair Garmin 128, should be in tomorrow. Off in the morning to drill and modify junction box for instruments, hope to install tomorrow evening if Garmin parts arrive. Also tomorrow morning will mill rest of red oak for 7-4 dink (gunwales, breast hook, quarter knees, ribs), will steam and bend gunwales if I have time and energy. Tropical hardener is no longer good in the (suddenly) cool weather, so waiting on a bottle of "fast". Should arrive tomorrow or Thur. Plenty to do in the meanwhile. Still on schedule for Sept 26th delivery.

Never enough cash, spent too much at the grocery today... Too many good deals (dents and scuffs) to pass up. building supplies for the trip south. Won't be hungry anyway.

Making progress everyday. Never enough or fast enough but not stressing over it. Won't see halloween in Deltaville. Might not be as far south as I would like, but intend to remain relaxed about it. No deadlines, and any further south is a big plus.

More photos soon, off to bed. Long day and lots to do tomorrow... Emd Log Entry
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Sept 12, 2014 1127 Zulu

Along side, Powells Marina, Deltaville VA. 72 F Cloudy Calm.

Too little time, too much to do... Still trying to get out early October. Electrical refit almost complete. New solar panel arrived but have not even unpacked. New batteries will have to wait for cash flow. New dink complete (Photos) and managed to sell the 7-4 version. Now just have to get it done. Off to the shop to work on it again today. Customer wants to pick up on the 25th and need the cash for the bottom job and topside paint on Solitaire.

Salvaged the mast off the 30 footer, and standing rig. Need to finish stripping parts and make sure the standing rig is long enough to cut down for Solitaire. Once rig is back up on Solitaire, we can finalize dink location on deck, Install the kicker in the engine well, and install the new roller furl. Next week we hope.

Need to work on "Maggies Farm" the next few days to help refill the grouch bag. Managed to make the check this month last almost to the 15th. Lots of parts though, just need to get em all installed.

Off to get something done, even if it's wrong... End Log Entry
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