The Photo Gallery

A photographer we're not, but you can browse the albums below anyway.

Photos Along the Way

Not as many as we would like (so far). Hard to hold the camera and single hand at the same time

Never big on picture taking anyway, and never seem to have the camera when we need it. Will try to do better now that we are settled in for a while

Portuguese Style Dink Build

Weren't able to find a dink small enough to fit on the deck of the Solitaire, so we decided to build one.

See the Dink Link for more info...

Solitaire Re-Wire

As usual with older boats, the wiring on the Solitaire was a mess. Rewire included a new DC switch panel, new insturment panel and installation of a solar panel with controler. Also added a dedicated AC battery charger for those rare times we are able to plug in (Thanks David for the gift of the good used charger). Two new Trojan T-605 200Ah batteries completed the job

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